"Shaula", a shamisen designed by the illustrator Yoshitaka Amano, unveiled publicly for the first time in London at Hyper Japan exhibition


Komatsuya, a leading wholesaler and manufacturer of shamisen products, is set to hold an exhibition at Hyper Japan in London, one of the largest Japan festivals organized in the UK, from November 16 to 18, 2018. London will become the first location to publicly exhibit "Shaula", a next-generation shamisen designed under a new project led by Yoshitaka Amano.

During the festival, in addition to "Shaula", “Ripple”—artificial skin for shamisen, developed by Komatsuya—will also be displayed. Our products including Shamiboy (an affordable shamisen model) and Shami-Komachi (a souvenir) will be sold, while Masato Nakahara will play the Tsugaru-shamisen. Komatsuya wishes to deliver the beautiful culture of Japan and the music and sound of shamisen to people in Europe by offering Shaula, a mixture of the traditional culture and the pop culture representative of Japan, as well as the artificial skin Ripple.

Hyper Japan:

*Exhibited at the MIYABI pavilion in the Olympia Grand hall for Hyper Japan
MIYABI (Japan Promotion):

Masato Nakahara Profile

At the age of 18 he was impressed by the performance of the Tsugaru Shamisen master, the first Chikuzen Takahashi, and started the Tsugaru Shamisen with his university admission. He started playing at university. He has not only limited to traditional Tsugaru folk songs, but has achieved collaboration with various genres of music and dance. In the national competition of Tsugaru-Samisen line, he has won in the ensemble section and has won awards in the solo section.
Currently, in addition to his performance activities, he is also working as a lecturer for Tsugaru Shamisen Circle "Hibiki" at Meiji University.