Komatsuya will participate in "GIBIATE PROJECT" where famous creators representing Japan such as Amano Yoshitaka, Shishu, and Yoshida Brothers will participate!



A project to shock the world has finally started! A project "GIBIATE PROJECT" created by famous Japanese creators such as Yoshitaka Amano and Shishu to the world under the theme of "Wa - Japanese".

Komatsuya (Sagamihara City Midori-ku), a shamisen manufacturer and wholesale company, has decided to participate in the "GIBIATE PROJECT" together with Tsugaru-Samisen players Yoshida Brothers.

"GIBIATE PROJECT" was established in October 2018 as a project to disseminate information about Japan's goodness, with the participation of artists who lead the Japanese cultural scene in Japanese animation, games, and manga. Details of the project such as character design by Amano Yoshitaka, title by a representative of Japan, Shishu, Japanese sword by Shirou Ishida Kunihisa, and monster character by manga artist Naoki Serizawa, etc. It will continue to be, but now we have been appointing creators and artists representing Japan and continuing to transmit “Wa - japanese”.

Mr. Komatsu said, “For the players and listeners, Japanese skilled artisans manufacture the shamisen making use of an artificial skin of the future generation ‘Ripple’ which features high sound quality in collaboration with GIBIATE. Letting the world recognize this superb shamisen as well as delivering a joy and an excitement to the players and listeners is our commitment and at the same time our great rejoicing."

Currently, detailed announcements will be released as needed. A collaboration shamisen with "GIBIATE PROJECT" will appear.
Please look forward to it!